Radio Program: The World We Live In 10/27/18

In this week’s program Pastor Paul Holt discusses healthcare in the US and its history in the US, same sex marriage being considered by the NM supreme court and marriage relationships and it’s effect on children. He even picks on Kim Kardashian’s recent engagement.

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2 replies
  1. shirleen g
    shirleen g says:

    Pastor Paul, Thank you so much for being willing to stand up and preach the blessed word of God. You have given us a challenge. Do you we love God so much that we will do as he says? Please continue your work and I hope it will grow and reach many others. Thank you.

  2. shirleen g
    shirleen g says:

    Our family was set for your program this a.m.. We really did miss it. We continu e in prayer for you and all your ministries. Thank you Jesus for your many blessings.

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