Earthquakes and the First Blood Moon

There have been earthquakes in various places lately. Chile recently had a 8.2, Oklahoma had two earthquakes this weekend, Wyoming felt a 4.2 and of course California and Nevada have had hundreds over the last few weeks after the 4+ in LA.
There are wars and rumors of wars including today’s shooting at Ft. Hood and the recent invasion of Crimea by Russia.
Matthew 24 describes these signs as the beginning of sorrows. But know that the Lord is calling people to return to Him.

Choose Life- The World We Live In Radio Program

Why are bible believing Christians pro-life? On today’s program, Pastor Paul looks at the late term abortion ban being voted on in Albuquerque. He also discusses the rise of euthanasia in Europe and the US and justice for children in Socorro.

The Mystery of The Lord’s Appointed Times

This is a teaching from the World We Live In conference held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 15, 2013.

Did you know that the Lord has appointed times when He will meet with us? Are you prepared to meet with Him on His terms or do you expect the Creator of the universe to do what you desire?

Welcome to FBC Magdalena

First Baptist Church of Magdalena invites you to come anytime the doors are open to fellowship, study God’s word, and pray. We are committed to “rightly divid the word of truth” and apply that word to our lives.

Pastor Paul Holt